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Hello, and welcome to the website that's going to solve all of your problems. Real estate wise, that is. Unfortunately, if your puppy is still chewing up your slippers we can't help you there. We don't have dog training tips, but what we do have is an archive of real estate information pertaining to the Halifax, Nova Scotia market. Thinking of buying a home in the area? We can help you pick out the right property to fit your needs. Selling a Halifax home? We can give you some tips on how to get the best price. This website also contains helpful information on the city of Halifax, NS, which should be useful to both buyers and sellers. It's all compiled and maintained by local real estate agents, so you know it's accurate. Come take a look!

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Halifax, Nova Scotia: City by the Sea

From the moment of its founding in 1749, the harbor has been Halifax, NS's defining feature. First a Royal Navy base, later an important sea trading post, and finally a place with gorgeous ocean views, modern Halifax is all of these things and more. It is the capitol of the province of Nova Scotia, the center of commerce for the Atlantic region, the home of Canada's East Coast Navy, and the home of nearly 400,000 people. Tourists flock here every year to witness the old world charm existing alongside modern amenities, and the city is equally popular with new residents.

Halifax, NS's low unemployment rate compared to other parts of Atlantic Canada is one of the reasons the city attracts so many new residents. Provincial, Federal, and Regional government offices are some of the city's biggest employers along with the three major universities: Dalhousie, St. Mary's, and Mount Saint Vincent. There are also several large and well respected hospitals and medical training facilities, including the IWK Children's Hospital, making Halifax, Nova Scotia a leader in the health care field. Blue collar jobs are also in abundance here thanks to the large Irving Oil works and busy container port.

Another attractive feature is the city's abundance of entertainment. At any given time several festivals, from military parades to busker showcases to tall ship displays are going on. The downtown bars are known for their old-world charm, and there are more malls per capita than anywhere else in Atlantic Canada. Outdoor recreation is also popular, with residents swimming, surfing, skating, hiking, biking, and playing sports in local parks.

Neighbourhoods and Home Styles in Halifax, NS

Halifax, Nova Scotia is growing in leaps and bounds, so there are a lot more properties to choose from now than there were twenty or even five years ago. Condos are the big ticket item on the peninsula because of the lack of space, and of course the presence of three major universities and numerous smaller colleges ensures there are an abundance of affordable student apartments. There are also more modern apartments in new developments that are popular with single professionals as well as thousands of single family homes of various sizes, styles, and ages throughout the city.

Each of Halifax, Nova Scotia's neighbourhoods has a distinct personality, and many people choose theirs based on their lifestyle, work location, or budget. The South End is Halifax's most expensive neighborhood because it not only contains huge old detached homes on large lots but it is adjacent to downtown. Downtown itself is an area of apartments in historic old buildings while the newer apartment complexes tend to be concentrated north of downtown and in Clayton Park. Single family homes are expensive all across the peninsula, but tend to be cheaper across the harbor in Dartmouth and in the absorbed suburb cities of Bedford and Sackville.

To give you an idea of what you might be looking at price wise, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, here are the June 2009 averages. For a detached home: $234,000 for single storey, $350,000 for double. For a town house: $223,000. For a standard condo: $170,000, for a luxury condo: $282,000. These are averages, so naturally there will be some variation between neighborhoods.

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